Dimex has been producing shoes and leisure wear following current trends, while retaining an excellent quality/price ratio. Dimex products are available in a diverse size range and incorporate design features created and developed by a team of footwear designers and technicians who continually dedicate themselves in producing new prototypes and carefully selecting materials.

Dimex stands for values such as attention to detail, integrity and open-mindedness. Dimex supports professional ethics in accordance with agreed international guidelines for correct co-operation with our foreign partners, fully respecting of the rights and interests of all their collaborators.

A traditionally family lead team
but open to the trends
of the global marketplace.
All of our products are carefully checked and approved in every detail...
  • Future trends research.

    In an evolving market, we continually look towards future trends.

  • Design

    Our styles are all designed in Italy. We have a reliable and experienced Team ready and available to develop collections to meet the Italian market requirements.

  • Material choice.

    We carefully choose a selection of materials, while respecting the environment and following current European regulations and we always offer the best in quality.

We have more than 6,000 square metres of warehouse space ready to receive and dispatch goods.